Buttress Thread Gages
parameters1: buttress Inch screw thread GAGES
parameters2: ANSI B1.9-1973
parameters3:Standard 7° / 45° Buttress Thread
      ANSI/ASME buttress Inch screw thread is a form of thread with load angle of 7 degrees and a clearance angle of 45 deg from the normal to the axis. The basic height of thread engagement for buttress thread is 0.6p. The buttress thread form has certain advantages for the applications where high stress occurs only in one direction along the thread axis. The buttress form of thread is particularly applicable when tubular members screwed together. Breech assemblies of large guns, airplane propeller hubs and columns for hydraulic presses are some of the examples of buttress threaded rods and nuts.

        Following calculator has been developed in accordance to ANSI B1.9-1973 “Buttress Inch Screw Threads” standard. The standard provides information about preferred diameter-pitch combinations, formulas for calculation pitch diameter tolerances, tolerances for major and minor diameters, a system of allowances between external and internal threads, recommended methods of measuring and gauging, dimensional acceptability of buttress threaded rods and nuts.

Note: For more information on buttress threads including diameter-pitch combinations, thread designation, basic dimensions, formulas, thread tolerances and allowances for easy assembly , please refer to pages 1997 - 2004 of Machinery's Handbook, 30th.

Buttress Screw Thread Form

Standard 7° / 45° Buttress Thread with 0.6p Basic Height of Thread Engagement and Round Root

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