Export API Thread Gages to worldwide in reasonable price and short delivery time
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Summary:Export API Thread Gages to worldwide in reasonable price and short delivery time.SOWANT PRECISION GAGE-a Leader of Chinese Gage Supplier, We can offer traditional gauges such as calipers, micrometers, dial gauges, indicators, height gauges, gauge blocks, API GAGE, Cylindrical Gage, Thread Gage, Air Gage, Spline Gage, Hardness test blocks, but also covers high-technology measuring instruments like hardness tester, vision measuring machine and so on. SOWANT products are mainly manufactured in China.
    Baoji Thread Gages Co,.Ltd. is engaged in the thread gauge of the professional manufacturers, the United States API, domestic ISO9001: 2008 certified unit. Scale of 3 million investment, mainly manufacture all kinds of oil Special threads (API 5B & API 7-2) and various special deduction gauges, work rules, proof rules and regulations taper. The company has imported the most advanced thread grinding machines, coordinate measuring machines and vacuum quenching equipment, products with accurate and stable single parameter, close from the value and beautiful appearance, various gauges measured by the censorship of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China National Petroleum Total Xi'an Institute of pipe all qualified companies, nearly 200 sets of proof rules for inspection of Chinese Academy of Sciences measured 100% qualified. Our products are characterized by user requirements from the value of the previous close tolerances, with superior wear resistance, domestic and foreign customer recognition and praise.
    SOWANT gage as a distributor that export all API gages of SRT to our customer in worldwide. please call us for any products when you need it, thanks.
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